Sparque is a global leader in sales training and sales management development.



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We are Sparque. Best-selling author and world-renown speaker Chris Lytle and a dedicated team of experienced sales coaches. More



We develop the people who produce your profits. Our professional sales training is suited for sellers and sales managers alike, regardless of their years of sales experience. More


We have the drive and passion to help successful people become more successful–-sooner. More



A comprehensive collection of sales processes, tools, and audio interviews with some of the country’s top sales and marketing professionals. More

C-J Webinars

The Webinars/Seminars

Quarterly, live Webinars hosted by Chris Lytle. Hard-hitting info that you and your sales team can use immediately. More


Ignite Radio Sales

Our six-week, intense sales training curriculum where we send your sellers out into the real world to use our approach to selling . More